Background & Mission

Festivals & Events Ontario (FEO) was established in 1987 as an association devoted to the growth and stability of the festival and event industry in Ontario.

Quick facts:

  • The office is currently located in Kitchener, Ontario
  • Operates as a not-for-profit organization with four staff members
  • Governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership
  • Provides festival and event organizers across the province, with a networking forum
  • Offers professional development opportunities and resources aimed at encouraging professionalism and excellence in the industry
  • Acts as an advocate for the industry by identifying, and working towards solutions on issues such as legislation, governance, product development and more
  • Also serves the interests of festival suppliers whose goods and services are of use and benefit to Ontario’s festival/special event organizers
  • Ontario festivals and events are estimated to annually drive $2.3 billion in contribution to regional GPD
  • Canada’s festival and event industry supports 50,000 full-time jobs
  • The average small festival/event supports $424,000 in tax revenue at all three levels of government
  • There are over 2,500 member events that happen across Ontario annually
  • Ontario’s festivals/events contribute over $1 billion of economic impact on a yearly basis


Festivals and Events Ontario aspires to facilitate the development of an exemplary festival and events industry in Ontario and be the recognized resource to champion excellence.

Mission Statement

Festivals and Events Ontario supports a lively, engaged and dedicated festival and events industry by sharing knowledge, enabling networking and providing leadership on education, advocacy and promotion.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

FEO will focus on the following 4 Key Pillars:

Brand Positioning

By 2020, Festivals and Events Ontario will be recognized by the industry’s event managers, planners, suppliers, government, funders and public as the leading voice in support of festivals and events in Ontario.

Marketing (Festivals and Events Industry)

By 2020, Festivals and Events Ontario will market the festival and event industry throughout Ontario and will provide members with marketing tools that optimize attendance for their festivals and events.

Professional Development & Member Value Engagement

By 2020, Festivals and Events Ontario will be the leader in Ontario in the development and delivery of innovative training and education programs, value-added services and quality products for the benefit of the festivals and events industry.

Financial Stability

By 2020, Festivals and Events Ontario will have a level of retained earnings to sustain the operations of the organization for a period of 12 months.

Click here to download FEO’s 2016-2017 Annual Report.

Industry Recognition & Awards

FEO is honoured and humbled to be recognized by industry leaders for the association’s ability to captivate and inspire visitors and residents alike to travel and explore Ontario’s uniqueness through festival and event celebrations.

  • Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (2015/2016 Festivals & Events in Ontario Guide)- International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) Pinnacle Award
  • Employee of the Year – Finalist (Debbie Mann) – Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) Canadian Tourism Award
  • Best User Generated Content Online – Online Revealed Canada Canadian e-Tourism Award