FEO Awards Program

Festivals and Events Ontario 2022 Conference and Awards Program.

The past year and a half has been one of the most challenging our industry has ever faced but the future is starting to look a lot brighter. The good news is that Ontario has made significant progress in the battle against COVID-19 and the Festival and Event industry is slowly beginng to re-emerge.

Our FEO Board has been meeting in recent months and sharing strategies as to how we can provide a fun, educational experience for our members in-person this year in Niagara Falls from Monday February 28 to Tuesday March 2, 2022.

With so many events not taking placing in 2021, it will be next to impossible to conduct our awards program in the same way we always have. Many of the categories will not be relevant because of the Pandemic, and because of this, the FEO Awards program will look different in 2022. We know that many FEO Members still managed to get the creative juices flowing and held some sort of live/hybrid/virtual experience this year to keep their audience entertained and engaged and to keep their festival or event top of mind.

In addition, many of our supplier members showed great ingenuity and courage by pivoting away from their usual line of business to embrace the need for PPE, hand sanitation, fencing, barriers and more to assist municipalities and private sector with COVID-19 protocols. Individuals and organizations need to be recognized and congratulated for bravely jumping into the unknown, learning the ropes and successfully keeping their business or event alive during these troubling times.

The other very important aspect of festivals and events are volunteers. They are the lifeblood of our industry and we don’t want to stop recognizing those that give so freely and share their talents and time with their community. If you successfully conducted an event (in person or virtually) in 2021, and had volunteers involved, please fill out the attached form and share with us who those people are so they can be recognized and thanked by a Provincial organization for making such a difference.

We are pleased to unveil the 2022 FEO Awards Program. In order to sumbit and win a FEO Award, you must have successfully done the following:

  1. conducted a festival or event in the calendar year (January 1 - December 31, 2021)
  2. been a fully paid FEO member in good standing in 2020 or 2021.
  3. been a Supplier that has altered business practices to stay open and kept people employed during the Pandemic (we want to hear your story)

The theme for 2022 is ENERGIZE as we all Re-Imagine - Re-Focus - Re-Connect coming out the otherside of a global pandemic.


Did you successfully plan and execute a festival or event either in-person/hybrid/virtual in the 2021 calendar year? If you did, please fill out the form by
clicking here.

Once you have completed the form, rename it and save it to your desktop. Then send an email to pinky@festivalsandeventsontario.ca with the completed form and 3 amazing photos from your event as attachments.


Are you a supplier that has an interesting story about how you changed your business durin the pandemic to stay relevant, open and your staff employed. We want to hear your story, please fill out the application form by clicking here.

Once you have completed the form, rename it and save it to your desktop. Then send an email to pinky@festivalsandeventsontario.ca with the completed form and your logo and a couple of pictures from yourbusiness as attachments.


Are you a festival or event that relies on volunteers to successfully execute your event? Do you have a superstar individual or family that you would like to recognize and celebrate for all of their hard work? Tell us about them. please fill out the application form by clicking here.

Once you have completed the form, rename it and save it to your desktop. Then send an email to pinky@festivalsandeventsontario.ca with the completed form and a photo of your volunteer(s) from your event as attachments.


Do you know a festival or event planner that has dedicated their life to the industry for the last 20+ years? Would you like to see them considered for the FEO Hall of Fame? All you have to do is send an email to our FEO CEO Dave MacNeil with the reasons why this person deserves to be enshrined in the FEO Hall of Fame and your nomination will be considered at the FEO Board Level.

Send an email to dave@festivalsandeventsontario.ca with all the details and he will be in touch with you soon.


The Deadline To Apply is Friday January 7, 2022 at 5:00pm


Here’s why you should apply:

  1. The FEO Awards Program is recognized by government officials, industry suppliers and festival-goers alike.
  2. Being an FEO award winner is a great marketing tool. We will provide you with the appropriate logo to use for promotional materials, media relations and your website and assist you with any questions you may have about how to market your FEO Award. 
  3. Winners are featured on our Awards page in our Festivals & Events in Ontario Guide for the following year. 

Here’s what our past award recipients have said:

“We appreciate the validation that we do great work and that our efforts have been recognized [through the Service Excellence Awards]. We will continue to raise the bar for ourselves and encourage others to do the same.” ~ Ann Barker, Ticketpro Canada

“ I have performed my interactive stage show for thousands of people at festivals & events across Ontario last summer as a result of winning these awards! As a professional magician, it’s nice to know that my hard work and achievements are being recognized [through the FEO Service Excellence Awards] in the entertainment world!” ~ Mike D’Urzo, Mega Magic

“The OPG Winter Festival of Lights submits each year for the Achievement Awards and has won many times over the years. We use this recognition for sponsorship and grant applications. Thank you FEO for keeping the Achievement Awards going and keeping us looking over and improving our events.” ~ OPG Winter Festival of Lights, Tina Myers


Click here to view all past FEO Award Recipients.

If you have any questions about eligibility, application process or anything else related to FEO’s Award Program, contact Office Administrator; Pinky Eder.