Members Helping Members

Members Helping Members was born with the idea that if we work together we can help make the festival and event industry stronger for everyone. Our industry has so many valuable resources – namely the people who make up the industry with years of experience behind them – and if we all work together, a great deal can be learned!

If you have a question you would like answered, a job posting to advertise, or any other special announcement, this is the avenue to get it out to a target audience. 


You can catch all the buzz on Festivals and Events Ontario LinkedIn Groups! Ask your questions anytime and get your answers sooner! LinkedIn Groups is a great forum for professionals in the same industry or professionals with similar interest to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts!

Wondering how to sign up? Once logged into LinkedIn perform a group search by typing in “Festivals and Events Ontario”. Click on the FEO icon to join. You are set to pose questions, add your two cents to ongoing discussion and check responses! Now, if you have a question for others working in the festival and event industry and wish to get timely direct feedback, login to FEO LinkedIn Group and ask away!

NEW! Value is in the Vault

FEO’s Online Resource Library enables FEO members to access templates, samples, presentations and other tip-rich documents tailored to a variety of topics of interest. Members can access The Vault Online Resource Library by logging into their Company Profile Login account. 

Still in search of answers or wish to share?

Send your questions or information to Jay Nijhuis, Marketing and Communications Manager.