Professional Development

Professional development continues to be an important function of FEO.

FEO is committed to assisting our members with every opportunity to succeed and to provide opportunities for them to build on their festival and event experience. With online, offline learning available and networking events, FEO members can choose the education path that is right for them. 

Annual Conference

Our annual conference plays host to over 20 valuable educational sessions each year. Next year’s conference will be held at the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario from February 26-28, 2019. To learn more about FEO’s annual conferences click here.

Full-Day Workshops

Held just before FEO’s annual conference FEO hosted Full-Day Workshops.

Beyond the Basics: Getting the Most Out of Social Media to Create More Successful Events

The Fundamentals of Risk Management for Festivals & Events

Festivals and Events in Today’s Uncertain World – In today’s uncertain environment of evolving risks, ranging from transnational terrorism, homegrown violent extremism, natural hazards, competing markets and human factors, it is essential for festival and event organizers to have a proactive strategy to manage risk. Read more.

(Re)Building Your Sponsorship Program from the Ground Up

Do you struggle to get face time with sponsorship decision makers? Are you tired of having your calls deflected to online forms or being asked to “just send me a proposal”? Do you need help articulating your business case beyond just being “a good event”? You know sponsorship packages are old school…but what do you replace them with, if anything? Are you having trouble convincing your board of directors (or CEO) that e-blasting sponsorship packages to cold prospects are a terrible way to raise money? If you said yes to any of the above, then this is the session for you! Read more.

Leadership Network Forums

This is a 60 minutes conference call held monthly with our members, at which time we provide an Industry update (this may include funding deadlines, new legislation, etc.), a FEO update and a 20-minute professional development session on a variety of topics that have been selected by the participants. We can accommodate up to 100 people each month, so if you are interested, please contact Martha to register.

Regional Seminars

These hour-long Regional Seminars provide a forum for interesting talks and workshops that address festivals and event issues with experts from both within and external to the festival and event sector. The talks are fun, interactive and open to members and non-members.

Professional Development Partnerships

FEO is proud to partner with professional organizations to bring you timely and relevant education related to festival and event development.

  • “It’s Your Shift” New Prevention Training Program for Sexual Harassment and Violence Awareness – Read more.

Members Online Festival Resource Library (The Vault)

FEO’s Online Resource Library enables FEO members to access templates, samples, presentations and other tip-rich documents tailored to a variety of topics of interest. Members can access the Online Resource Library by logging into their Company Profile Login

Ontario College & University FEO Members

FEO is proud to have nine Ontario Colleges in our membership. Each year there is a new cohort of event coordinators, organizers and planners that graduate from Ontario and FEO is a valuable resource for these new professionals new to the industry.

Algonquin College –
Conestoga College –
Fanshawe College –
Georgian College - 
Niagara College –
Seneca College –
University of Waterloo –
OCAD University –