Tuesday Talks with FEO

Festivals and Events Ontario is planning Tuesday Talks with FEO. This weekly online gathering is envisioned to be a round table discussion, with guest speaker, you and our moderator, Debbie Mann, to share industry insights, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of live events and festivals in 2020 and beyond, and how new ideas and technology may help.

The first 30 – 40 minutes will be dedicated to the speaker and questions from Debbie, and then we will open up for Q & A from the audience for the last part of the hour.

Click on the link to register for each the event, and once you do, the Zoom link and password will be forwarded to you.  These Tuesday Talk sessions will be FREE to start. Please note that these will be recorded for future use.












Tuesday Talks Is On Hiatus, But Will Return in September 2021


Our Most Recent Session

June 29, 2021
Louise Jackson from Louise Jackson Media
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Session Title: RE: Connecting Tourism

Session Description: There is finally a glimmer at the end of the pandemic tunnel, sparking hope for tourism’s comeback in 2021/2022. Challenges exist, but solutions exist in equal measure, and town by town, region by region, we WILL rebuild and recreate Ontario’s festival and event sector. 



Watch These If You Missed Them Live 

All of our previous Tuesday Talks sessions have been recorded and now live on Youtube. If you missed any session, or just want to watch one again, please click here to be taken to the archive.