Tuesday Talks with FEO

Festivals and Events Ontario is planning Tuesday Talks with FEO. This weekly online gathering is envisioned to be a round table discussion, with guest speaker, you and our moderator, Debbie Mann, to share industry insights, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of live events and festivals in 2020 and beyond, and how new ideas and technology may help.

The first 30 – 40 minutes will be dedicated to the speaker and questions from Debbie, and then we will open up for Q & A from the audience for the last part of the hour.

Click on the link to register for each the event, and once you do, the Zoom link and password will be forwarded to you.  These Tuesday Talk sessions will be FREE to start. Please note that these will be recorded for future use.












Here Are The Speakers Booked for the Next Few Weeks


May 18, 2021 @ 11:00am
Tracy Pepe from The Scented L’Air
Visit the official website

Session Title: What If Scent Could Change How You Feel?

Session Description: As we are learning to balance home and work while in isolation, managing economic issues, or working with family issues, COVID is impacting our mental health. What if scent could change how we feel each day?  This is an opportunity to talk about Mental Health Strategies using essential oils. 

This interactive zoom call starts with a freshly brewed cup of tea.. Join Tracy Pepe who will lead the discussion on mindful practices using scent within your daily routine.  She will expand on her TEDTALK discussing the power of olfaction, research with mental health, and essential oils.  

BIO: For 25 years, Tracy Pepe has been developing solutions to rethink practical synesthesia in architecture and interior design. Tracy has built dozens of experiential design collaborations with architects and interior designers that are based on sensorial expansion—adding the intertwinement of scent strategy and color to create newly deepened ways of visitor sensation.

Published author, “So What’s all the sniff about?” and a distinguished lecturer. She offers the only IDC (Interior Design Credit) accredited seminar on Scent Design. She was recently featured at 2019 Dubai Design Week, Smelling Colours.


May 25, 2021 @ 11:00am
Virginia Ludy Former Event Industry Executive

Visit her Linked In Page

Session Title: Road to Recovery,  the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for your festival or event.

Session Description: As we standby, waiting for the re-emergence of the event industry we need to consider not only the challenges that events may face but what are the many opportunities that lay ahead for festivals and events in the post pandemic marketplace.  How can event organizers be industry innovators and seize new opportunities,  as they begin to consider how to deliver experiences in this new event landscape where consumer behaviour and needs have dramatically changed.

BIO: Virginia Ludy is a passionate, highly motivated event leader with over 35 years of experience in the industry. As the former, CEO of the CNE ,Virginia led a number of major initiatives that helped transform the CNE into an iconic, financially stable, must-see event.

Virginia always sees opportunities where others may see none. She is a strategic thinker and visionary who believes nothing is impossible. As a strong advocate for our industry Virginia is confident that the event industry will rebound stronger than ever.  She believes new opportunities are on the horizon for our industry as it begins to fulfill its role in helping to re-energize and re-engage our communities.



June 1, 2021 @ 11:00am
Jessica Breitenfeld from Adapt IQ
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Session Title: How to adapt to the industry. 3 step mindset.

Session Description: Adaptability IQ is a critical future skill required for success. Research about the brain gives us some encouraging insights into how we can adapt behavior if we use the LAB method. We can alter our own nervous system to change how we think, feel, and respond to any situation with a mindset that collaborates, accepts and searches for Innovation. Learn how to connect two or more previously unrelated elements to create exponentially better solutions to new or existing problems.

BIO: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a garbage man. Freedom. No seatbelt. Wind in my hair.  I knew people would be happy to see me when I would take their unwanted garbage away. Instead, I became a trainer of - you could call it- garbage removal- because as I lead people through the exercises- they become freer from he blocks of speaking authentically and with emotion.

I get to use my intuition and 15 years of working, living abroad with all types of humans to influence people to accept themselves and do more and be more.

I provoke you to be great with powerful learning experiences that show you your personality, your strengths and your blocks. The Serious Games provoke you to think, play, and on teams, unite by awakening individuals' and teams’ strengths. I help you unlock the door that blocks you from increased productivity by training a reproducible method and a ´make my partner look good´ mentality that builds strong, self-steering teams able to resolve their own issues and communicate effectively. 

That is even better than feeling the wind in my hair on a garbage truck. Now, I take away the garbage thoughts that limit you, and it smells better.


June 8, 2021 @ 11:00am
Marina Phillips of Bébé Station Inc.

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Session Title: The Future of "Family Friendly" Events.

Session Description: As we are working towards in-person events post-pandemic, how can we support Mothers, parents, caregivers and those with accessibility needs at events billed "family-friendly"?

BIO: Mom. Wife. Visionary. Marina Phillips is the Founder/Owner of Bébé Station. Prior to having her son,she was ALWAYS out at Festivals, concerts, plays, restaurants, events and more. Once she gave birth, Marina didn't want to stop having fun - outdoor festivals are still fun with a small child and hubby (smile).

One day at a park, she casually started nursing her son, and then her hubby changed his diaper after his feeding. She noticed something though: it was hot outside, and there were a lot of parents who were struggling with multiple bags, nursing covers and baby trash bags for disposing of diapers.

Fast forward to another outing, and her son decided to explode in his diaper... The worst part: she had NO MORE diapers. Her and her husband frantically asked around, but no one had a child as small as theirs and they had to leave the event and purchase new diapers.

After contemplating the pros and cons, weighing various options and dreaming of a best case scenario,Marina came up with Bébé Station.

´╗┐They welcome moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers to use their services. Her motto is that it genuinely does take a village to raise a child. She wants to do her part and allow parents to enjoy parenthood with the support of like-minded parents and the community.


June 15, 2021 @ 11:00am
Michael Bleau from EventHub
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Session Title: Creating Hybrid Events That Engage Attendees and Delight Sponsors

Session Description: This session will go in-depth on the most important aspects to consider when producing hybrid events, with a special focus on selling sponsorships and hybrid booths to fund them.

BIO: As Co-founder and CEO of EventHub, Michael works with hundreds of festivals, fairs, sporting events, and expos nationwide – many of whom were forced to go virtual in 2020 and are planning on hybrid iterations for 2021. Michael’s company launched a virtual expo platform to allow event organizers to provide a truly engaging experience for hybrid event attendees, while also giving sponsorships meaningful interaction with those attendees. He has led dozens of keynote sessions on event marketing, sponsorship, and production nationwide and has also led expert Zoom panels on how to adapt to the pandemic challenge for thousands of event organizers.


June 22, 2021 @ 11:00am
Hany Mikhael from Rescounts
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Session Title: Getting Ready For Your Festival or Event POST Covid-19

Session Description: We ‘ll be talking about leveraging technology post COVID to ensure attendees, performers, staff & volunteers safety while maximizing revenue & reduce marketing expenses 

BIO: A senior-level marketing professional with 20+ years of experience across 6 countries and brands like IHG, Hilton & Marriot, Dr. Hany Mikhael redefines the statement, “the sky’s the limit”. Combining his expertise in the fields of Marketing, Franchising, Technology, Restaurants and Loyalty and Trade Shows, Hany leaves no stone unturned in his quest to make the customer’s experience in the world of dining memorable. His experience as a consultant for brands in hospitality sector, hotels and restaurant have led to where he is now – CEO of Rescounts, a Canadian-based restaurants’ loyalty program. Passionate and ambitious about delivering the best customer experience when it comes to food, he is a visionary and an innovative entrepreneur.

Rather than walk the known path and deliver the same mediocre results, he chooses to walk the untrodden road and provide unique solutions to customer’s every day, common place needs. Rescounts is all about simplifying the customer’s journey from placing the order to enjoying the last morsel. Dr. Hany Mikhael is currently a consultant with GLC International. In the highly competitive world of hospitality and dining, Hany is determined to provide cutting edge results to unmined opportunities, using his skill, proficiency, knowledge and talent in addition to his perseverance and determination.


Our Most Recent Session


May 11, 2021
Jim Motton from JW Motton Entertainment and Promotional Services and Adam Growe "The Cash Cab Guy"
Visit the official JW Motton website or the Adam Growe website 

Session Title: Enjoy a Two Part Session- Hybrid In-Person Events and then Take a Ride in the Virtual Cash Cab

Session Description: 

The 1st half hour will feature Jim Motton discussing Hybrid In-person Virtual Live Events. JW Motton utilizes sophisticated special event audio-visual vehicles to assist clients to host events and promotions during covid shutdown of social events

Some of these events include Drive-by Canada Day celebrations in Streetsville, 36 pop-up events in the Henry Farm community with Toronto Mayor John Tory, drive-in weddings, funeral memorials, graduations, church services.  JW Motton helped Streetsville’s annual Christmas celebration by hosting musicians in a studio streamed to the internet and rebroadcasted downtown Streetsville.

Jim is hoping to offer this service to many of Ontario’s cancelled music festivals 

The 2nd half hour will be hosted by Adam Growe of the hit TV show Cash Cab. Adam Growe presents Tuesday Talks Takes A Ride In The Virtual Cash Cab.

Guests will be able to play along with Adam’s trivia show watching on screen and using their cell phones to answer trivia questions. 



Watch These If You Missed Them Live 

All of our previous Tuesday Talks sessions have been recorded and now live on Youtube. If you missed any session, or just want to watch one again, please click here to be taken to the archive.