Tuesday Talks with FEO

Festivals and Events Ontario is planning Tuesday Talks with FEO. This weekly online gathering is envisioned to be a round table discussion, with guest speaker, you and our moderator, Debbie Mann, to share industry insights, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of live events and festivals in 2020 and beyond, and how new ideas and technology may help.

The first 30 – 40 minutes will be dedicated to the speaker and questions from Debbie, and then we will open up for Q & A from the audience for the last part of the hour.

Click on the link to register for each the event, and once you do, the Zoom link and password will be forwarded to you.  These Tuesday Talk sessions will be FREE to start. Please note that these will be recorded for future use.












We've Already Booked Speakers for 2021


March 9, 2021 @ 11:00am
Beth Potter from TIAO
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Session Title: Coming Soon

Session Description: Coming Soon

BIO: As President & CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), Beth Potter leads the advocacy efforts for the tourism industry – promoting the importance of tourism as an economic driver and job creator for Ontario – by fostering a collaborative relationship between business owners, tourism organizations and governments.  Collectively, TIAO represents the 189,000 businesses and close to 400,000 employees that are dedicated to promoting and operating the Province’s tourism infrastructure. 

A recognized leader with more than 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit and tourism sectors, Beth has worked with a variety of boards, committees and volunteers across the tourism industry and from all walks of life. She currently serves on the boards for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.


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September 15, 2020
Louise Jackson from Louise Jackson Media

Session Title: How To Stay Connected With Your Guests When You Are Inable To Host Your Event In Person

Session Description: Festivals and events are the backbone of our communities. We all need each other more than ever before. What can you do to make this happen without blowing the budget? 








September 22, 2020
Landon Logie from the Culinary Tourism Alliance

Session Title: Making Your Virtual Event Seamless, Engaging, and well...a Little Less Virtual

Session Description: After flipping two large-scale and world-class events to virtual platforms, Landon shares virtual platform recommendations, logistics insights, and ways to bring that in-person event feeling to your attendees at home. 




September 29, 2020
Mary Beth Kyer from Sponsor Circle and Brian Wylie from Connected Interactive
www.sponsorcircle.com  /  

Session Title: Uncovering Valuable Digital Assets for Festivals and Events

Session Description: In an instant, the world has changed. In-real-life events are delayed....for now. But their audiences have not disappeared.  Join Mary Beth as she discusses how to uncover ways to leverage digital assets to continue engagement for sponsors and the audiences they want to connect with.




October 6, 2020
Rebecca Cotter - Manager, Communications Operations & Events City of Markham and
Dan Di Ruscio - Acting Manager, Event Services City of Richmond Hill 

www.markham.ca and www.richmondhill.ca

Session Title: Ontario Network of Municipal Event Planners - Return to Events Guide

Session Description: Hear from Executive Members of the Ontario Network of Municipal Event Planners who developed a recovery guide suitable for municipalities planning and supporting festivals and events in a post COVID – 19 era.



October 13, 2020
Peter Ashwin from ERMS

Session Title: The Covid-19 Event Risk Horizon: Is Covid-19 the risk or merely the risk trigger” for other risk events ?

Session Description: Peter will challenge your perception of Covid-19 as the ‘risk du jour’ and will offer his insights into the Covid-19 event risk horizon out to 2022 and his approach to planning within an evolving and uncertain operating environment.   



October 20, 2020
Rodola Sibuma from WSPS

Session Title: Festivals & Events; Innovation and Risk during challenging times.

Session Description: The economic benefits of festivals are easiest to see and most often cited–festivals attract visitors, which stimulates the growth of tourism and other businesses in a town or region. The social benefits of festivals are just as important, fostering community pride, teaching people new things, and strengthening relationships. But hosting festivals and events also poses challenges especially in these difficult times. Prioritizing innovation today is the key to post pandemic economic growth. Join our discussion on how crisis fosters innovation and the work of balancing safety and risk.




October 27, 2020
Matt Sobhy and Josh Taylor from X Events
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Session Title: Products and Services for The New Event World

Session Description: X Events is known for consistently providing exciting new product activations and concepts to the event industry that work best for their clients. As Covid-19 continues to change the event industry, X Events has focused on initiatives that work for the new world to promote a safe but engaging event environment. From a virtual event platform to photo op product installations, X Events will showcase a few different initiatives they have created and explain how they can help event producers keep their events running and entertaining.



November 3, 2020
Dave MacNeil CEO of Festivals and Events Ontario (FEO)
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Session Title: Fireside Chat with FEO’s CED, Dave MacNeil

Session Description: Since March, Dave has attended numerous meetings with government and industry associations, representing festivals, and he will be here to share his experience, and answer any questions you may have around what he has learned.




November 10, 2020
Juliet Dunn and Bonnie Baker from TD Niagara Jazz Festival
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Session Title: Staying connected to your audience during a pandemic - It's virtually possible.

Session Description: The TD Niagara Jazz Festival has produced and presented more than 60 livestream performances since March when COVID-related gathering restrictions forced us all to rethink our events. Join us as we invite Festival Co-Founder and Executive Director Juliet Dunn and Programming Coordinator, Bonnie Baker to walk us through their experience and share insights, tips, tricks and lessons learned.  They’ll talk about livestreaming with web-based platform StreamYard and how they’ve worked on crafting their first few “hybrid” events with small live audiences.



November 17, 2020
Thomas Cumberbatch from GodzSpeed
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Session Title: Anchoring on Purpose in the face of a Pandemic

Session Description: In this session Thomas and I will be discussing the importance of having a "Soul" in business, and the need to reimagine your brand during and after COVID-19. We'll also be discussing ways to set your brand apart by leveraging technology to craft an experience that will keep vendors interested in festivals. 



November 24, 2020
Janet Sellery from Sellery Health and Safety Consulting Services
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Session Title: New event resources to help us “keep on keeping on”

Session Description: Janet Sellery (Sellery Health + Safety / Event Safety Alliance Canada) will join Debbie Mann in a conversation about new health and safety resources for event planners. These include the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide - Six Month Update and the #Lights-On Venue Guide. We’ll touch on the status of the pandemic, public health guidance, operational lessons learned and current challenges. You’ll have a chance to share your perspectives and ask questions. 


December 1, 2020
Susan Patterson from SPG Consulting
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Session Title: The ABC’s of Reading the Room

Session Description: Everyone is Unique, the way they look, the way they move, the words they use and the way they present themselves. We can gain valuable insight into our co-worker’s personalities and analyze how best to communicate with and influence them.  Whether you are a salesperson pitching a customer, a manager trying to motivate an employee, a Facilitator attempting to make a point, in any of these situations, the power to "read" another person can be a powerful advantage.



December 8, 2020
Darrell Schuurman from Canada's LGBT+ Chamber of  Commerce
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Session Title: Diversity and Inclusion in the Tourism Industry

Session Description: It’s ever more important to be aware of the tremendous diversity across the various spectrums that make us human. People in the LGBT+ community often face discrimination for not conforming to what is seen in our society as “normal.” The tourism industry can be a key player in championing inclusivity across the board from businesses to festivals and live events. Darrell Schuurman, CEO and Co-Founder of Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, will shine a light on the importance of diversity and inclusion and talk about strategies to be accommodating of all genders during events.


December 15, 2020
Kyle Sipkens from Incirque
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Session Title: Partnering IN Innovation

Session Description: It’s no secret, COVID has created many challenges for the festival & event industry. Suppliers are your Partner IN Innovation, collaboratively building your roadmap to resilience in the year head. Engage your supplier network to explore how we can be nimble through uncertainty. Let’s share our COVID best practices, war stories and more from this year as we look ahead to many unknowns  2021. Join us with your questions, ideas, frustrations, and hopes - let’s brainstorm as a community! Kyle will also share what it’s been like performing in a pandemic along with helpful tips for "Jugging Mental Health" over the holidays!